Peter Zoltan (LinkedIn)

As an accredited change management consultant (by PricewaterhouseCoopers 2001) he has participated in many assignments which dealt with development of competency based Job Analysis, Developing Human Resource Indicators, Talent management, Performance Management and Recruitment . As an HR director he developed an HR Scorecard system which measured HR processes at a company, including a Competency database. He also participated in the digitalization of HR processes. As a project coordinator and researcher he was the developer of the UEmloy Consultancy for Inclusion ( project. He trained consultants in Ireland, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. In the In-Class project ( he was the trainer of the Language Communication Auditors in Italy, Romania and Hungary.

Gabriella Zoltán (

She is a financial manager who is responsible for managing the Euro-Friend Ltd. Gabriella also works for the local government and for the McMillan and Baneth Ltd as a financial consultant. She participated in training programs like Finance for Non Financial Managers and Tools of Statistical Process Control. She has an accountant degree and she is the financial manager of several EU funded projects ignited by the local government of Szeged.
Gabriella has participated in the development and project management of the IPA Cross-Border Co-operation Project between Serbia and Hungary. The project strengthened the cooperation of local governments on tourism. A thematic route for discovering buildings and architectural memories was designed with the development of necessary marketing tools and brochures in different languages.